The holidays at Golden State Pickle Works…

Greetings from freezing Sonoma! The holidays find us busy and grateful.  Pretty much like the rest of the year, but just ratcheted up a notch.  While Anthony is on the verge of being fully swallowed by his work as the chef of Lalime’s restaurant in Berkeley, I have been really enjoying the festive air at the farmers market.  A new product I am excited about is our Italian Winter Condiment.  Kitchens can be a world of discovery if you keep an open mind.  Over the years I have been fermenting in restaurant kitchens, and at home, I have learned to put stuff up even without having an intended use.  A few months ago I decided to ferment some winter squash, some chicory, some fennel.  Once I tasted the results it led me to make this condiment that just screamed ‘antipasto plate’ to me.  With cheese or salami or toasted bread with good local olive oil on it, it is really satisfying.  Anthony has been putting it on grilled chicken sandwiches for his lunch at work.  Simple, healthy, good.  The condiment is a touch bitter, ‘in the Italian way’, as Anthony says.  He is always reminding me of the saying ‘Italians believe that life is so sweet, you must add a little bitterness to it’ as an excuse for his love of broccoli rabe, chicory lettuces and Fernet. I guess, at least in the ways of the table, Anthony’s heritage has rubbed off on me a bit.  If only I could get Anthony to enjoy SPAM musubi…

Come by and see me at the market, fermented products make great winter eating.  Your body will be glad that you did!

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