Happy El Nino!

Happy El Niño everyone,
It’s a double edged sword, all of this rain at once.  While we so need the water, it may seem as tho there isn’t a ton of variety at the market.  But this is a great time for fermenting. Turnips, radishes, kale, apples, cauliflower, even citrus all offer opportunities to put up stuff you will be grateful for in spring and early summer.  Whole, or in slaws the opportunities are almost endless.  I am using ‘kosher dill radishes’ I made at work with some leftover radishes we had after New Year’s Eve.  That over stock used with some dill and garlic led to something, four weeks later that I can’t stop eating. Don’t be discouraged by the clouds or rain.  The farmers markets still offer great stuff.  Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you need any inspiration or a jump start, Sam will be holding a class for the beginners level on sauerkraut and slaw. Everyone who comes will make their own batch of kraut and winter vegetable slaw to take home to continue to ferment. Watching the process is really the way to learn and understand what happens throughout vegetable fermentations. Go to www.eventbrite.com to sign up and let 2016 be the year you take your health into your own hands

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