Pickle Works Rice Bowl

Serves 1


1 1/2 cups cooked rice (we love calrose, but use your favorite)

1 egg

1 sausage or smoked salmon (or a couple ounces of your choice of protein)

2 Tablespoons GSPW Golden Beet Slaw

2 Tablespoons GSPW Bok Choy Misozuke

2 each GSPW “Kosher Dill” Radishes, sliced

1 Tablespoon GSPW Hurricane Furikake

For the egg:
Bring 1 quart of water up to a boil with a teaspoon of salt. Using a slotted spoon, gently add your egg to the water and boil for 6 minutes, then drop the egg into ice water to quickly stop the cooking. Gently crack the shell and peel the egg, store in a cup of water.

To assemble:
Place rice on the bottom of the bowl, and make a dent in the center for the egg. Garnish with the sausage and fermented vegetables then sprinkle with the furikake.